How Inaccurate B2B Database can Impact Your Business

An inaccurate B2B database refers to an inaccurate list of B2B contacts and list of B2B company in India that affects the growth of your business. In the market, you may find multiple database providers offering databases; however, you should be careful while buying the data of B2B company in India as it can either make or break your business. No matter how powerful the CRM system you have, it can only give good results if the data injected inside by you is accurate. An organization can still manage without CRM; however, without an accurate B2B database, it’s very difficult to get the desired results.

Let’s look at how an inaccurate B2B database hampers your business growth:

Reduced Productivity & Irrelevant Lead Generation

An inaccurate B2B database entailing a list of B2B company in India leads to low productivity and irrelevant lead generation. This irrelevant lead generation directly impacts your sales and marketing team’s performance. An inaccurate B2B database makes the team’s task difficult while contacting leads, prospecting them, and setting meetings. It results in a lot of time and money wastage because your sales and marketing representatives are sending emails that bounce and making calls on faulty numbers. Their efforts get wasted, which they could have utilized in other productive activities to boost sales. Inaccurate B2B database results in poor prospect planning as the leads which were contacted didn’t have complete information regarding their buying preference and job roles. It completely ruins the first impression of your organization in the very first interaction with the lead.

Bad Follow-ups

An inaccurate B2B database entailing a list of B2B company in India results in poor follow-ups and relationship management as it doesn’t allow your sales and marketing representatives to prospect the right lead with accurate information, which later on acts as an obstacle in following-up with leads. Due to inaccurate B2B database details of a profile like job role and buying preferences, sales and marketing representatives pitching goes in the wrong direction, which destroys the initial interaction with the lead. Even while following up with the right lead, by mistake, your sales and marketing representatives can also feed inaccurate data which they gathered during the follow-up with the lead. In a buyer’s journey, there are various interactions of lead with sales and marketing representatives, and many times sales and marketing representatives also make an error while feeding the information, which acts as an obstacle while following-up with the lead.

De-motivated Environment

Wrong information captured by sales and marketing representatives’ results in false or inaccurate reports that de-motivates your team as these reports fail to present the right growth, which was expected. The number of leads that were converted into customers was not properly presented, which leads to confusion, frustration, and feeling of de-motivation among your team.

Besides de-motivation, which prevails among the team, the sales forecasting process also gets affected drastically with inaccurate reports as the key decision-makers and stakeholders face challenges in planning short-term and long-term strategies based on inaccurate reports.

So by now, we have a clear understanding that an inaccurate B2B database and an inaccurate list of B2B company in India ruin the health of a business. If you are looking forward to purchasing a database of B2B Company in India from any data provider, then check twice and make the right decision. An accurate database is essential to your organization as it helps your sales and marketing representatives to make calls effectively and forward effective emails to build a strong relationship with leads and existing customers. Inaccurate B2B database affects your business adversely, and your business fails in retaining existing clients and also reduces profitability. In a nutshell, inaccurate B2B database acts as a major obstacle that stops your team to unlock the world of better opportunities.


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